Traditional line


It is a sweet of great tradition. Its elaboration based on high quality fresh milk combined with sugar, makes it a nutritious and energetic food.


Milk Caramel spread x 90 g

Milk Caramel spread pot x 220 g

Products with fruits

Milk Caramel Spread with Fruits are part of the Goûrmet line of Nebraska Foods. These are made by adding to the traditional Arequipe different openwork fruits or extracts of some products such as Colombian coffee.


Traditional milk caramel spread, golden berry, blueberry x 250 g

Condensed Milk

It is a product made with an artisanal formulation, which makes it a more natural product. It serves as an input in the pastry industry, as well as can be consumed alone or combined with fruits, gelatin, among others.


Condensed milk Doy Pack x 300 g

Condensed milk x 440 g

Condensed milk x 140 g

Condensed milk Doy Pack x 100 g